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Client Information

Just select the appropriate duration massage or Osteopath Treatment at the right hand side under “ezybook now”. Once you have placed a booking, you can login and click on “my ezybook” to change your booking, or to make further bookings with us.
If you are booking your first Massage or Osteopath Treatment, we may contact you to confirm you requirements.
FIRST MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS are booked out at 1 and a quarter hours. (This will appear on EZYBOOK as still just an hour, however, the massage therapists would like you to turn up 5 minutes ahead of time at reception, to fill out a form. You may remain in the treatment room for 5-10 minutes over the hour booked, to make up for time spent evaluating and planning the session. First appointment is always at least 1 hour.

A cancellation on the day within 8 hours (unless the appointment time is filled) or a ‘no show’ – will be charged at the full appointment rate. (This of course will be decided on an individual basis within reason).